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Director and Principal Consultant - Business Management, BPM, Organizational Transformation

Ali Darwish PhD, MIS, MBII, MA, is a multidisciplinary Australian professional consultant, specializing in Business Process Management (BPM), Knowledge Management (KM),  Organizational Change Management, and Business Transformation Management, with a ranging set of expertise in several areas spanning 35 years of commercial experience in the UK, USA and Australia (since 1989), including media, technical communication, documentation development and education.

Ali has worked as a BPM and KM Consultant for large organizations in Australia in public and private sectors and various industries since 1996 and in technical communication, publishing, information design and audio-visual communication for three decades. He has managed projects, teams and departments, has developed and applied business process management methodologies and standards for large corporations, and has undertaken hands-on process mapping and modelling projects.

Ali is also a published scholar of international renown.  He has taught at Australian and American universities for 15 years and acted as official examiner (1990-2002) for accreditation authorities. He has written extensively and published many books on translation, linguistics, media, communication and management, including: Business Process Mapping: A Guide to Best Practice (2011). He is also winner of several prestigious awards, including Victoria's Multicultural Commission's Award for Excellence in Service Delivery-Education, 2009.
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Dr Ali Darwish
Director and Principal Consultant

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